Think Majority

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MajorityThe Republican Party’s highest priority following the 2012 election must be the building of a governing majority that can successfully put Republican ideas into action to the benefit of all Americans.

Such a strategy can be summed up this way: Think Majority.

Thoughts precede action, and so to take actions necessary to become a majority first requires an internal commitment to build upon what we have accomplished, to reach people who are not yet with us, and to successfully persuade many of them to trust our party to lead.

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The California Exodus

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Manhattan Institute Looks at Why So Many People Are Leaving

Actions have consequences, and an opportunity deficit in California is driving an increasing number of Californians to move out of state. Their top destinations: Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

The Manhattan Institute’s Tom Gray and Robert Scardamalia performed an exhaustive analysis of available data to examine the causes and nature of what is being called the California Exodus.

One might wonder how an exodus can be taking place when California’s total population is rising or stable.  The only reason the state’s population has not fallen in real terms since 2000 is immigration from other countries.  Net domestic migration (people moving within the United States) continues to be negative for California.

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