5A frequent speaker on topics ranging from governance and communications to strategic planning and leadership, Ron Nehring has addressed and taught audiences throughout the nation and the world.

Whether offering insight on national and California elections to business leaders, or providing candidates and leaders the tools to persuade, Ron has been well received at seminars, conferences, conventions, on campus, and at political events on a wide variety of contemporary topics.

Suggested topics include:

Leadership and Communications

Understanding the relationship between key leadership traits and persuasive communications

Turning Candidates into Leaders

Harnessing assets, working through liabilities, and developing the foundations for victory

Strategic Planning Session: Building a stronger organization

Vision, Mission, Strategy, Tactics and Logistics combine with effective leadership to turn ideas into action

Demystifying Political Parties

Everything you didn’t learn in Political Science 101

Nehring St Gallen 2 Red EnhTo train and guide business and political leaders, Ron Nehring offers over 40 unique lectures in areas ranging from leadership and communications to governance and finance.

For more information on scheduling Ron Nehring to speak to your organization, kindly complete the information on the contact page.

What Leaders are Saying

“Ron was able to bring groups together to achieve common goals. This all required patience and the ability to build consensus.”

Boyd Rutherford, former Chief Operating Officer, Republican National Committee

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